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The gentle yet powerful effect of White Smile

White Smile has helped thousands of people to turn their teeth form stained and yellow into beautiful bright and white. Many of these customers have experienced incredible teeth whitening results using the White Smile Teeth Whitening Pen. Below some of them share their experience. with White Smile.

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White Smile Testimonials

I have had yellow teeth ever since I went to college and started drinking coffee and smoke cigarettes. I started smiling less and less because I was embarrssed by my teeth. The best decision I ever made was trying your product. After a week of using White Smilemy teeth were much whiter. It felt so good seeing my bright smile again!You guys are the best for developing this great teeth whitener.


I take a good care of my teeth. I brush my teeth twice a day, floss and use mouthwash. I do not understand why are my teeth not white. The weird part is they are not yellow but even worse - grayish. I think it might be becase of the red wine that I drink. But I love it and there's no way I'm cutting back on it. I decided to try White Smile and I didn't regret it for a second because now my teeth are so much whiter. Thank you so much.


I have tried so many different teeth whitening products and nothing seemed to work until I tried White Smile. I tried the toothpasted that are supposed to whiten your teeth - no results, then the strips - they hurt a lot. I was very disappointed and thought I'd never have a beautiful bright smile. I used your product for a few days and now my teeth are bright white! Thanks for such a great product.


I had the worst stains on my teeth. I was not only uncomfortable smiling in public places but also at home, because I was afraid my husband would like me less if he saw my teeth. I used White Smile for a few days and now my teeth are bright white. My husband was so happy for me when he saw the results because he knew of all the different products I have tried in the past with no success. Thanks for creating such a great teeth-whitening product that works.


I've always looked good. I am in shape, my hair is always shining, and the clothes that I wear are trendy, overall I am very satisfied with the way I look. Except my smile! I used to hate how yellow my teeth were. That is why I wanted to thank you so much for your amazing teeth whitening product. Most products I have taken in the past usually only work for a few days. I tried your product a few months ago and my teeth are still white and they haven't lost their brightness.


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